The Sinus Healing and Lymph
Drainage Technique - a self help guide

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On its own, and without extra help of any kind, The Sinus Tapping and Lymph Drainage Technique will give you fantastic results.

Over 60 FREE bonus information documents when you purchase the DVD

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    BONUS #1 - Free Chart

  • Fully revised chart showing sinus areas and lymph channels, the tapping areas and rubbing points.
    The revised chart is yours free to put on your wall as a reminder

    BONUS #2 - Free Instructions

  • Brand new PDF of written instructions, explanation and interpretation for the chart.
    This is useful if you don't want to use the DVD, or, find written explanation easier to understand

    BONUS #3 - Free Symptoms and Conditions Information

  • Information on the many conditions that can cause head, face and neck discomfort, including:
    • Sinus congestion
    • Painful lymph nodes
    • Lymphatic congestion The Sinus and Lymph Drainage Techinque
    • Depression
    • Lymphatic stagnation
    • Hayfever symptoms and other allergies
    • Medication headaches
    • Congestion headaches
    • Tension Headaches
    • Migraine headaches
    • Ethmoidal headaches
    • Swollen glands
    • Facial pressure or Facial pain
    • Painful and uncomfortable areas of the face
    • Streaming eyes
    • Sinusitis
    • Eustacian tube blockage
    • Nasal drainage
    • Swollen or puffy eyes
    • Naso-lacrimal duct blockage resulting in runny eyes
    • A stuffy nose, or runny nose
    • sneezing or coughing
    • Pain over the bridge of the nose
    • Itchy eyes and nose, fever and chills, face pain and eye pain
    • Sinus headache and depression
    • Earache and ear fullness/pressure
    • Swollen lymph nodes
    • Nose pain or face pain
    • Frontal sinus pressure
    • Swollen eyes or eye and face pressure
    • Upper and lower jaw pain
    • Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ)
    • and many of the emotional and physical problems that are associated with anxiety and pain
    This will be very helpful if you have multiple symptoms and/or know of another family or friend who is a sufferer.

    BONUS #4 - Free Sinus Forum Reviews and User Solutions

  • In addition, there is a wealth of other information out there that has been tried and tested by sufferers around the globe, and I have edited this material into a special bonus report of other sufferers experiences that is available FREE when you place your order

    BONUS #5 - Free Research and Medications Guide

  • This includes the latest research on sinusitis and sinus surgery, user experience and alternative potential sinusitis 'cures' that other sufferers have tried and found to be useful

    BONUS #6 - Free Sinus and Face Anatomy

  • Information about your sinuses. Where they are in the face and their function, why they hurt when they become congested, the breakdown mechanisms and other specialist information. Using text and diagrams, these pages show you what you are tapping and working on in great detail.

Why not print your new chart and have it laminated? That way you can share it with others who may benefit from using the points.

How am I sure this will work?
1.) Some time ago, a patient sought permission (which I granted), to reproduce the chart (an earlier version) on a copier and to distribute the chart in hospital, in the ENT department. As a result, the consultant ordered a copy of the disc and learned the techniques himself, to show his patients how to do it on themselves. Many DVD's have been purchased by doctors, heads of medical centres, human resources departments and nursing staff, and I am encouraged by their comments and observations.

2.) Someone else who used the chart en-masse, was the owner of a health food store, who gave them away to people who bought bottles of eucalyptus oil and sinus tablets, as a way to get the 'double whammy' for her customers. I found myself wishing others would go ahead and do this more and more. So if you feel so inclined, please go ahead.

3.) I'm at the stage now where I would welcome doctors giving away copies with their prescriptions for sinus medication. Any doctor who is interested in this; please get in touch.

Final Note:- When you get The Sinus Tapping and Lymph Drainage Techinque DVD, you are making an investment that brings you only 5 minutes away from banishing your sinus pain and sinus congestion, for good. That means you can become the master of identifying your painful problem and can deal with it as it is happening - not hours later, when your sinus becomes so congested they are inflammed and painful.


"Dear Phil, Thank you for sending "The Sinus Tapping and Lymph Drainage Technique" DVD so expediently. I have chronic sinusitis, and have been on antibiotics several times. Your DVD has been a real eyeopener, I have been applying your technique for a few days now, and the swelling in one of my eyelids has been greatly reduced. Also my breathing through the nose has improved.... I am excited about the improvements that I have experienced,... Thank you very kindly." John L., Ontario, Canada


"Hi Phil, I would like to thank you very much for your help. I have been off the drugs now for ten days, that is a long time for me. The Sinus Chart has helped me very much and I would like to tell all your readers, if that is possible. Thanks, from Jason.
p.s. I would recommend this tapping technique to anyone out there with sinus congestion. The drugs weren't working and I lost hope in seeing any light. There is hope and light out there so why not give Phil's disc a try. It worked for me, Thank you Phil." Jason Hawkins - Exeter, England, UK


"Dear Phil, Many thanks for the prompt delivery of my sinus disc. I have followed your instructions and suggestions closely and can report a substantial abatement in my sinusitis. Although it is very much in retreat I will continue with the treatment in an effort to maintain this good result throughout the summer. I shall report back periodically, as you suggest, and pray that I will continue to have positive news. With Warmest wishes to you and your family." Greg Sutton - Brighton and Hove, UK

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